I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. ~Mother Teresa

NERCI needs your help in many ways. We are looking for partners who identify with our cause and want to make a difference.

We need financial resources, food, your time and more. You can choose if you want to support us once (events), on an ongoing basis (services) or both.

You can check out our events page to see what events you are interested and able to support and our Outreach page to see the services you want to contribute towards.

The quickest and easiest way to help out is to donate financial support, below are a few ideas:Giving is Caring!

  • Donate to an event or more
  • Contribute to a service
  • Support our office and staff
  • Become an advertiser on our website
  • Adopt a client to assist with education, rent or utilities

If you have any concerns about the safety and security of making an online donation, please visit our page: “Safety, Security and Tech” page.

We also need non-financial support, below are a few ideas:

  • Food – please visit our Co-Op Store for a list of suggestions
  • Office supplies – paper, printer cartridges
  • Marketing materials – business cards, flyers, event media (photos, video, banners)
  • Computer equipment – our computers are generally over 10 years old and need replacing
  • Building repairs and maintenance – our office, Co-Op Store and training center needs work
  • Adopt a client to mentor
  • Volunteer your time to help an event or service
  • Host a fund-raiser
  • Provide us with staff
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us
  • … and much more – we would love to hear if you have other suggestions

We need more staff. and we are looking for people who are willing to commit to either providing staff through your payroll or contribute towards our payroll. Currently we are partnering with the Indian Nation and AARP who provide us with employees for the ministry. We love volunteers, however we understand that we need the dedication, commitment and training that an employee has. Our CEO needs to focus on building win-win relationships with partners, unfortunately we don’t have the staff to support her in this as she is hands-on in the daily routine.