Learn to Succeed

Success isn’t something that happens on accident – you learn and work hard to achieve success. The following is a list of the ways we “pay it forward” To help others. Giving allows progress.



  •  Low cost food options  
  •  Co-Op Store
  •  NERCI feeding hou se

Drug/alcohol  treatment & health

  • Drug treatment
  • Alcohol Treatment 
  • Mental & Physical Health

RESUME Writing & Employment

  •  Resume Writing
  •  Dressing for Interviews 
  •  Interviewing Skills 
  •  Networking 
  •  Job Services

Personal development

  •  Keys to success   
  •  Discovering your potential 1&2 
  •  Personal Skills 
  •  Planning for success
  •  Computer literacy beginning & Advance 
  •  Outcome Tracking

Utility Assistance

Utility Assistance, We pay the last 50 after everything has been paid. We take the first 5 callers once a month, You can not receive this service but every 2 years, bill has to be in the persons name with a 48 hour notice 

  •  Gas Assistance 
  •  Electric Assistance 

housing & Financial resources

  •  Housing
  •  Credit Counseling 
  •  Financial Planning 
  •  Budgeting