Marilyn long, Director


Marilyn Long our Director founded NORTHEAST RESOURCE CENTER, May 23, 1997. Marilyn has been and continuously devotes her time to building the organization from the bottom up.  Marilyn is responsible for educating, motivating and empowering community members young and old.

She is a active member of a local community church where she participates in many young women ministry groups.

She has devoted countless hours to the community and its youth.  She views her service as a opportunity to serve the community by giving back and helping to make a difference, especially with young people. Marilyn stands with belief that its time for a change; because one of her favorite bible verses (Proverbs 29:13) explains that people without vision parish.  The northeast community of Oklahoma City has lost its vision and it is her mission to see that vision is restored in the community and its members.  She has served as a mentor in the programs that is offered through the Northeast Resource Center.  The programs and Miss Longs mentorship has guided young people to higher education, placed individuals in gain full employment.




assistant DIRECTOR

James Davis our Assistant Director has been with us since November 2019

From Oklahoma and going to school here, working in business for over 30 years.  Training under the direction of Marilyn Long, has not been only a great training experience but a rewarding one as well.  

Our Amazing Staff

The Backbone of Our Organization

We couldn’t do half of what we do here at Northeast Resource Center if it wasn’t for our awesome staff! In addition to our office staff, we also have mentors, instructors, volunteers and many other expert individuals who help us help our clients. Rest assured that unlike your average staff, our staff is fully committed to ensuring our clients have a great outcome. 

We’d especially like to mention Gale Hornbeak our Intake Specialist. Thank you for everything!